Phase 1 – Recovery

I have researched so much over the last couple of weeks whilst laid up and this is my planned recovery programme which I will stick to for 2 weeks.  I will then get my levels tested again to make sure everything is ok before I progress on to Phase 2 – building up my strength.

3 or 4 days of exercise per week, I shall listen to my body and tweak as I feel fit..

Cardio – 20 minutes per day

Strength – very low weights; 3 exercises, 3 sets of 8

or 10 minutes on the vibro plate.

23-09-16 – Day 1

2 mile run around the neighbourhood.  This took me 22 minutes and I felt really good.  My legs felt strong and apart from a few stitches, my breathing was good and I did a pretty good time considering I’ve done nothing for 2 weeks 🙂

1st run done!

I then did 10 minutes on the Vibro plate at home, only squatting and using my leg muscles as I am still a little nervous about doing anything with my arms.  Maybe tomorrow I will….

24-09-16 – Day 2

As I had joined Crossfit, I had cancelled my gym membership so today I thought it a good idea to join the local council gym.  A family membership at the gym which includes both my husband and myself full use of the health suite, gym, swimming, classes, badminton, squash and also use of the junior gym for my 8 year old plus a friend of my sons for £50 a month, it seemed like a great deal!

Today consisted of:

400 metre row warm up

3 x 8 Leg Press, 3 x 8 Leg extension, 3 x 8 low squats (15kg bar)

50 dumbbell snatches (6kg weight)

10 minutes cross trainer

I felt really tired afterwards and did have a little anxiety thinking had I done too much, but an hour later and I feel good 🙂

Getting my Mojo back 🙂


Lesson for today – slow and steady wins the race….